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Kevin Feige BEEN saying the exact same thing (for over two years) that Stan Lee just said but yall take his word for it because he makes two-second cameos in almost every movie.


Ain’t nothing confirmed OR coming any time soon.

they confirmed that it’sin development. I mean that doesn’t mean anything films can be in development for ever.


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By Matt D. Wilson

In a speech at the National Book Festival at the Library of Congress last weekend, The Shadow Hero writer Gene Luen Yang threw down the gauntlet.

Yang challenged comics creators to overcome their fears of bring criticized for inaccurately portraying characters who are different from them — in terms of race, gender, or other identifying factors. In brief, he told writers to do some research and get it right, but first and foremost to step outside themselves.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

We’re afraid of writing characters different from ourselves because we’re afraid of getting it wrong. We’re afraid of what the Internet might say.

This fear can be a good thing if it drives us to do our homework, to be meticulous in our cultural research. But this fear crosses the line when we become so intimidated that we quietly make choices against stepping out of our own identities.

After all, our job as writers is to step out of ourselves, and to encourage our readers to do the same.


a memory

so, I saw a video on FB which mentioned a place, a sordid, shadowy place from my youth where I lost one form of innocence to gain another. as I tracked back to make sure I heard correctly, the following came to me. 
"the *****…."
[a deep nostalgic smile spreads to darken my face. my eyes narrow as mists complete the betrayal of deep thoughts cascading back in time. a deep breath reaches down to some unknown depth where the darkest memories of some of the greatest sins of my youth lay fermenting and aging like a fine wine. my arms slowly & reflexively crossed my chest as one finger gently stroked my lower lip. it was as if I was there again, in that darken fetid place - responding quietly to some unbidden request where there was only one possible response. from that same depth, came at first an almost imperceptible grunt followed by the slow, wet, parting of my lips. my breath barely escapes. to the uninitiated, my body is now either a temple of pain or a chasm of pleasure. to those in the know, it is, as ever, one and the same. the spell, almost done, which once cast, can only be completed when the words are spoken….]
"ahh yessss…." 
[my eyes drifted ever slowly to one side. the rest of my words escape like those of a dying man. the spell is now complete. for the moment, there will be no return from this place until such time as proper tributes or reparations can be made…] 
"paradise and hell of my youth." 
[a subtle pause punctuates my swelling chest and subsumed emotional and physical responses that beg for release yet deny their fulfillment. this was part and parcel: the deep heart felt summons desires to be fulfilled and the eventual refusal of submission to same. the alpha and omega of all sensations - the final culmination of so much pain given over to indescribable pleasure …] 
"I remember it well. even to this day."
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