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…pix. This time from Day 2 - Friday.  But first…

In other news, for the first time since 2002, DC Comics overtook Marvel Comics in sales.  This was due to the relaunched versions of Superman, the Flash, Batman and others.  The number one selling comic for October was Justice League #2 (pic below).  For more information on what sold, you can check DIAMOND COMICS.

Oh yea, if you need a fix, have some coins and can travel, there are a number of cons going on around the country this weekend.  I’ll just list a couple random ones here but you can always check the Geek Calendar (you might need to sign up but it’s free) to see full listings. Thanks to everyone over at GC for their contributions to this. Makes things easier.

Okay, now on to pix from day two.  I took a number of them so it might take a day or three to upload all of them. Feel free to send a comment, question, correction, pix, suggestion, etc. Would love to hear from.


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